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My Thermostat

E-VOKE Touch thermostats have been designed to make life a little easier. The intuitive touch screen display makes searching for the user manual a thing of the past. This thermostat has both options of 5/2 day & 7 day programming, which is ideal for families with changing schedules.

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Thermostat control

Electronic thermostat for control of temperature by means of a sensor placed either externally in the floor or built into the thermostat. The E-Voke Touch can operate in a variety of sensing and programming modes.

Built-in clock calendar with power backup

Comes with built-in 4-event program for automatic comfort and set back temperature. The clock and calendar have built-in battery backup, so the user never has to care about setting the clock after power interruption.

Graphical display

Large backlit LCD display with Unique Touch screen user interface, allows the user to easily navigate through all functions with just a simple touch of the screen.

Adjustable switching differential

Our Touchscreen series has an adjustable switching differential from 0.5C - 3C. This function allows you to get even tighter control of your heating system.

Adjustable switching differential

A function designed to protect your home against frost. An adjustable frost temperature level can be programmed between 7C - 17C, ensuring your home is always protected against the elements while your away.