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Electric Underfloor Heating Insulation                                 

Rock Floor Insulation                  

Under Floor Heating Insulation BoardsRock Floor Insulation is the perfect way to insulate any room when laying underfloor heating. The cementatious faced high density board has been developed specifically for use with Ezeheat electrical underfloor heating mats and cable.

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These Insulation Boards will save you money when used in conjunction with Electric Underfloor Heating by acting as a very efficient thermal barrier for all room types including bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories . It prevents a significant downward heat loss into the floor tile instead of allowing heat to warm up the concrete slab below. By using Insulation Board you will find that after switching on your heating, your floor tiles will warm up in about 10-15 minutes. Without insulation boards it could take anything from 2-3 hours, or more.



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