TLBE Spooled Cable 16-18 watts per metre. NOTE: ALL PRICES INCLUDE VAT

The spooled TLBE heating sections are applied as a supplementary system for comfortable floor heating. In thermal insulated buildings the TLBE heating sections could be used as a basic heating system when it is impossible to use a central heating system. The ultra-thin TLBE heating sections are excellently applicable for the installation in a tile adhesive layer or in screed. They can be applied under any covering of your choice: tile, marble or carpet.

The double-core heating section TLBE consists of a heating cable with two cores in a foil-coated screening sheath with a protective drainage wire, one coupling, one cold lead (3 m length) and a cable termination. Due to the double-core design of the heating cable, the electric power is supplied only from one end of the section, which makes the installation process easier. The cable insulation is made of tough heat-resistant non-flammable fluoropolymer. The cable shield is made of aluminium foil, reinforced with a copper line. The TLBE heating sections are made exclusively of high quality materials produced by world leading manufacturers. 


For the installation of the heating mat an additional thermostat with an appropriate temperature sensor is required. The temperature sensor is also embedded in the cement mortar. It should be placed in a corrugated tube in the middle of one cable loop. The thermostat should be mounted on the wall in the most suitable place for you.

Applicable norms, rules and data sheets as well as instructions and manuals are to be followed! Please use for detailed installation instructions the “Spooled underfloor heating kit installation manual” INST-1002

Technical data

rated voltage 230 VAC
power 16-18 W/m
maximum operation temperature 80 °C
minimum operation temperature -10 °C
minimum storage temperature -20 °C
minimum installation temperature -10 °C
minimum bending radius 30 mm
cable diameter ~ 3.78 mm - 5.05 mm
cold lead length 3 m
cold lead cross section up to 39 m: 3x0.5 mm²
from 63 m up to 86 m: 3x0.75 mm²
for 155 m: 3x1.0 mm²
certifications CE


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