IcSR(e)402 Roof, Gutters & Downpipes. NOTE: All prices include VAT

All prices include VAT

Snow melting for holiday resorts and airports
Icicle Prevention for outdoor buildings
De-icing for roofs, gutters (icicle prevention) and drainpipes
Holiday Resort Building, Golf Course
Infrastructure e.g. Bridges, Airports
Tall commercial buildings and artistic monuments

It will not burn or overheat even when overlapped
It self-regulates thermal performance in response to temperature
It can be cut to any length to suit any installation condition
Independent heat output control along the length
Soft (power) switching for energy-saving (which improves energy efficiency) and for a longer service life
Easy connection for powering and splicing.
Flexible and flat to suit complicated shape of work piece
Weather-proof ex. U.V, heat and rain



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