JBL Large Junction Box. All prices include VAT.

The SP-JBL is a professional quality junction box designed to easily accommodate power and/or heating cable entry and connection. It is supplied complete with an internal assembly of DIN rail-mounted terminals with easy identification of correct wiring orientation. There are enough terminals for 1 x power and 3 x heater circuits. The enclosure is made from tough weatherproof polycarbonate which generally has better environmental (UV) resistance than ABS and uses 4mm² terminals for easy insertion of wiring. There are enough terminals to easily accommodate 3 heater circuits without the need to ‘gang-up’ more than one circuit per terminal. Typical application/use is to connect POWER to or TEE/SPLICE up to 3 heater circuits.

4mm² DIN rail mounted terminal block for easy wiring identification and access.

IP66/67 tough polycarbonate enclosure


UV resistant

Product Information

  • Tough UV resistant polycarbonate enclosure
  • IP66/67 rated
  • Available as a kit with 1 x M20/M25 Power gland and 3 x M20/M25 heater glands
  • DIN rail-mounted terminals


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