Roof, Gutter & Downpipe Trace Heating. All prices include VAT.

Snow melting for holiday resorts and airports
Icicle Prevention for outdoor buildings
De-icing for roofs, gutters (icicle prevention)and drainpipes
Holiday Resort Building, Golf Course
Infrastructure e.g. Bridges, Airports
Tall commercial buildings and artistic monuments


Power Output Graph

In winter, snow covering the tall building begins melting by sun beam and/or radiated heat from inside of building. Thenafter the snowy water flows into cold gutter or drain pipe to re-freeze itself. The ice formed in gutter and drain pipe builds the dam to stop the flow of drain water and causes it to overflow into the gap or crevice of construction.

The ice formed in the gap or crevice breaks the building by explansion force and costs the property. Solco Pyroelec IcSR Self-regulating heating cable provides the best solution for the most convenient installation and optimized performance.

Circuit Breaker Selection



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