SmSR Ramp & Pavement Snow & Ice Prevention. All prices include VAT.

SmSR self-regulating heating cable is widely accepted for snow melting and de-icing applications, especially for pedestrian and vehicular concrete pavements, ramps and roads.
Typically snow-melting requires a high power-output, not less than 300 watt per square metre and on average it is required to operate for approx. 21 days in winter climates.
De-icing requires more continuous operation ( 2,000 hour per year) with relatively low power output, approx. 150 watt per square metre.

Solco Pyroelec’sSmSR snow melting system provides one of the most energy-saving solutions in applications up to 80 °C compared to other more conventional types.

Application Areas:
Entrance roads for holiday resorts or golf courses
Infrastructure e.g. Bridges, Airports etc.

Car Park Ramps
Entrance for commercial buildings and artistic / tourist monuments

Power Output Graph

Circuit Breaker Selection

Installation example


Solco Pyroelec provides the full range of accessories that are specially designed for the SmSR Self-Regulating heating cable.
Only components supplied by Solco Pyroelec guarantee the performance and the reliability of the heating system.


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