HSR Self Regulating Heater Cable, 10, 16, 24 w/m 110 or 230v. ALL PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF VAT. 


Solco Pyroelec HSR Self-regulating heating cables offer the best performance in the following applications:

Freeze protection of water pipelines

Temperature maintenance for petrochemical and gas plant(s)

Hazardous Ex locations, Ex e IIC Gb, ATEX Certified

It will not burn or overheat even when overlapped

It self-regulates thermal performance in response to

It can be cut to any length to suit any installation

Independent heat output control along the length

Soft (power) switching (which improves energy savings and efficiency) and gives a longer service life

Easy connection for powering and splicing.

Power Output Graph

HSR Self-regulating heating cable complies with the international standards listed below:

IEC 60079-0 :2011 Part 0 : General Requirements

IEC 60079-30-1 : 2007 Electrical Resistance Trace Heating Part 30-1 : General and testing requirements

IEC 60079-7: 2006 Part 7: Equipment protection by increased safety “e”

Circuit Breaker Selection


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