Ezeheat FRE-EZE-STOP Kits comprise of a specified length of 10-13 watts per metre, self-regulating heater cable, a built-in bimetal thermostat, 2 metres of mains lead (cold tail), 3-pin Mains plug, *twice the length of aluminium foil fixing tape, warning labels (one for every 3 metres of heater cable) and an easy to follow the installation instruction. Longer lengths of mains lead can be supplied upon request, please contact us. Note: The Gutter FRE-EZE-STOP Kits do not have a mains plug fitted as most applications will require to end at a mains supply outlet inside the building utilising as smaller a hole as possible.

For more information email or call us at sales@ezeheat.co.uk  or call 0333 900 1230

*Twice the length of aluminium foil fixing tape is supplied because it is good practice to lay one layer on a plastic pipe, then lay out the heater cable and cover with the second layer. This is not necessary on metal pipes. The aluminium foil fixing tape is not required for Gutters or downpipes as the heater will sit in the gutter without the need to fix it in place.

The self-regulating, or self-limiting heater cable is totally safe. It does not have to be in contact with the pipe (it can go down one pipe and back up another pipe that is in fairly close proximity), it can cross over itself without causing a “hot spot” (unlike the constant wattage type of heater cable).

Stock lengths of the heater cable are one to twenty metres, however, should your application be in excess of this we can manufacture these to special order, please contact us.

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