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The Problem

Ice and Snow can provide a slip risk to pedestrians using Paths, Driveways, and Fire Escape Stairways.

Ice and Snow can provide a slip or skid risk to vehicles on Drives or Ramps.

The Solution

Ezeheat in-slab armored heating cable is automatic, environmentally friendly, applies heat only when necessary, and provides the most practical solution. It prevents ice from forming on cold & wet surfaces and melts snowfall.

  • It will not burn or overheat even when overlapped
  • It self-regulates thermal performance in response to temperature
  • It can be cut to any length to suit any installation condition
  • Independent heat output control along the length
  • Soft (power) switching for energy-saving (which improves energy efficiency) and for a longer service life
  • Easy connection for powering and splicing.
  • Flexible and flat to suit complicated shape of work piece
  • Weather-proof ex. U.V, heat and rain


Complete Systems

The Ezeheat system comprises the armored heating cable unit, terminations, temperature control unit, fixing tape for the surface fitting, and the local electrical junction box. System design and installation are easy - even for inexperienced electricians.

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