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FRE-EZE-STOP Winter External Pipe Protection Kit & Gutter and Downpipe Protection Kit

External Pipes:

Ezeheat offer a full range of trace heating kits for frost/freeze protection of all external pipe-work, particularly suitable for Construction Site Facility Cabins,  Mobile Homes, Static Caravans & Lodges, Farm Outbuildings, Stables, Kennels and Catteries or even Garden / Garage outside water pipes and taps. Kit lengths can go from 1 metre up to more than 150 metres, so if your requirement is over 20 metres, please contact us.

Condensing Boiler external pipework:

Condensing Boiler waste pipes that are forced to run externally to reach a suitable soil drain also need to be protected.

Gutter & Downpipes:

Gutters and Downpipes can get clogged up with snow & ice. This then re-freezes and blocks thje Gutters & Downpipes, therefore the fresh snow or rain has nowhere to escape. This can cause structural damage and leak in the building.

Available Voltages:

240v, as standard. For 110v, 24v or 12v Low Voltage versions availability, please contact us.
If longer heater cable or mains cable lengths are required, please contact us.

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