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Modern living dictates that buildings shall have hot water available whenever and wherever needed - and preferably instantaneously. This is especially true for larger building complexes with long remote "Dead Legs", such as universities, colleges, schools, government buildings, etc.

Hot water is normally provided by a boiler in a centralized or localized heating system.

After drawing off of hot water at a supply point, the pipe feeding that supply point remains full of hot water which, under static conditions, cools to ambient conditions.

When demand resumes, there is a delay period whilst the now cold water is replaced by water heated from the boiler. The delay is both frustrating and costly, as the volume of the static head of water must effectively be heated each time a tap or valve is opened.

Traditional re-circulating System

Virtual instant hot water at taps was provided by a twin flow and return re-circulation system. The length of dead-legs was minimized so that hot water flowed soon after opening the tap, and so wastage was reduced.

This system has numerous shortcomings:

a) The flow/return re-circulating pipework and thermal insulation has twice the capital and insulation costs compared with a single pipe system.
b) Heat losses from the flow/return re-circulation system are twice those of a single pipe system.
c) Maintenance costs are incurred with the introduction of pumps and other items having moving parts.
d) Dual pipe systems require twice the space. The system must be balanced.


The Ezeheat HWS single pipe temperature maintenance system overcomes ALL of the shortcomings of the re-circulation system.

The Ezeheat HWS self-regulating heating cable is fitted to a single hot water supply pipe to maintain the hot water temperature by compensating for heat losses under no-flow conditions. Compared with a re-circulating system, this results in:

Reduced Capital Costs

  • Half the capital/insulation costs of pipework/thermal insulation (the cost of the heat tracing system will always be less than this saving).

Reduced Operating Costs

  • Half the pipework equals half the heat losses.
  • Maintenance-free (no moving parts).
  • Half the space.
  • No balancing is required.
  • HWS comes in two models, HWS-R maintains 55degC, and HWS-P which allows periodic heat-up to 65degC to combat Legionella bacteria.

Temperature maintenance of hot water services in domestic and commercial buildings.

HWS-R is for maintaining the pipework at 50°C to 60°C

HWS-P is for maintaining the pipework at 40°C to 70°C with periodic disinfection feature against the risks of legionella

Circuit Breaker Selection

Thermal Output Graph

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