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Simple, Elegant and very efficient - enjoy the warmth

The Underfloor Heating System from Ezeheat is simple and specially designed for all users and room types including kitchens, bathrooms, and conservatories: the electrical heating cable is attached to a tough sticky matting, which is intended to be rolled out and fitted before laying the finished floor covering (tiles, laminate, wood, carpet etc.) which is then to be connected to a supplied programmable thermostat... it’s that easy!

Plus all Ezeheat mat systems are a twin conductor, which means you don't need to worry about a return wire to your controller! When deciding on which area sqm to use - multiply room length by width, minus fixed furniture area, minus 10%.

These 150w/sqm and 200w/sqm heating mat systems and programmable thermostats are intended for most installations. Suitable for use over any sub-floor, however it is recommended to use additional insulation to reduce heat up time and to maintain an equal and sustained temperature.


Ezeheat i-warm Heating Mat Kit - 100w/m2, 150w/m2 or 200w/m2

Ideally suited for all room types and sub-floors which include kitchens, dining rooms and living areas.

  • Quick and Simple Installation



Ezeheat i-warm Aluminium Foil Heating Mat Kit - 150w/m2

Suited for all laminate or parquet room types and sub-floors which include kitchens, dining rooms and living areas, sun rooms and conservatories.


  • Quick and Simple Installation.
  • Simply decide which option is right for your room based on size, primary or secondary heating, floor covering and any permanent fittings (such as cupboards and islands etc.).


Ezeheat i-warm Spooled Heating Cable Kit - 150w/m2

Ideally suited for all room types and in particular irregularly shaped rooms or rooms with obstructions i.e. bathrooms and toilets.

  • Quick and Simple Installation.
  • Each kit contains heating cable, adhesive tape to hold cable in place and a white programmable thermostat.
  • A full set of instructions are included complete with a 16 year guarantee.
  • Please contact us for availabe lengths and technical help.
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